Clean Your Windows the Right Way

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Kenosha WIndow Cleaning

Clean Like a Pro

Most people make cleaning windows more difficult than it needs to be by making a few key mistakes.  Here are the biggest issues with window cleaning and how to correct them.


  • You Clean On A Sunny Day

When you clean on a sunny day it is more difficult to focus on the glass.  By cleaning when it is cloudy you can focus on the pane of glass and see any smudges or streaks that need to be washed.

  • You Don’t Clean the Frame First

Always start cleaning your windows by vacuuming and then cleaning and dusting the sills.  If you leave the sills filled with dirt that blows in from the outside you’ll end up with a muddy mess when you spray window cleaner.

  • You Don’t Use the Right Rag

Some people swear by newspaper but in my experience it doesn’t do anywhere near as good of a job as a good microfiber cloth.  Microfiber cloths are better at capturing dirt and working away any tough smudges.  A newspaper cannot even compete against a microfiber cloth when you’re getting rid of pet nose smudges.

  • You Don’t Use Enough Rags

Always clean with two rags.  One for washing and one for drying.  The key to a streak free window is to remove any excess cleaner as quickly as possible.  Once the window is mostly clean go over it once more with a fresh, dry rag to ensure a streak free clean.


First Day of Spring in Kenosha

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The snow has finally disappeared in time for the first day of spring in Kenosha.  The ice is starting to disappear from Anderson Pond and over the winter the city has installed a new footbridge to be used for fishing.  The general fishing season will open on April, 25 2015 and the new bridge looks like an excellent way to fish without leaving the city of Kenosha.  Perfect for first time fishers with just a hook and a bobber.

For new fishermen and women the Kenosha Sportfishing and Conservation Association is hosting its annual Kids Fish N’ Fun event that will teach kids everything they need to know about fishing.

Late last fall the city also opened up its first dog park on the east end of Anderson Park that has areas for both large dogs and a smaller area for small dogs.  The area features benches, some new trees as well as fake fire hydrants for dog relief.  Rumor has it that the city will also be installing dog agility equipment when funds become available.

Parking is available for both Anderson Pond and The Anderson Park Dog Park in front of Anderson Park Pool at 8730-22nd Ave.

Kenosha, Wi Anderson Park

Keeping a Clean Kitchen

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How many times have you had to move things off your kitchen counters just to make dinner? It happens more than people like to admit. My husband and I received a nice new Ninja blender for our wedding and I wanted to leave it out on the counter because it looked cool. Although it did indeed look cool, it was taking up far too much space on our counter and we didn’t use it enough to justify leaving it there. To the basement it went! There are 5 easy steps below to help you declutter your kitchen, read on my little clean freaks!


  1. Take everything off of your counters and put them on your kitchen table and wipe down your counters.
  2. Go take a look at all your items on your table and decide what things you truly need sitting out. Make sure you take into consideration your small appliances as well. Blenders and mixers take up a lot of room and make your kitchen look cluttered, especially if you have a small kitchen.
  3. If you’re leaving something out on your counters for convenience, you should be slapped. For example, just because you walk past your kitchen on your way outside doesn’t mean you have to leave your keys, gloves and wallet on the counter. Find another place for your junk!
  4. Think about the items you leave out to “decorate” your kitchen, such as tea and coffee cans, spices and fancy olive oil jars. You might think these things add to the look of your kitchen when all its doing is adding clutter. Take them off your counter and put them in a cabinet.
  5. Put your remaining items back on your counter and re-evaluate.

You want your kitchen to make a positive statement, not look cluttered and messy. I know it might be hard to put away that new blender or find a new spot to keep your nicknacks, but I guarantee you will love how open your kitchen feels.     

Basement Treasures

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Hidden in a dark corner of a cold basement are many boxes and bins filled with our childhood treasures and toys. Out of sight out of mind, right? Its very easy to forget how much junk you have collected over the years if you don’t see it on a daily basis. But every once in a while we take a trip down with the good intention of getting rid of some of our old memorabilia, like that old Care Bear with one eye or board games that are missing half of the playing pieces.


I’m just as guilty as everyone else, I hold on to a lot of things too. I currently have a 4 foot long bin filled with Beanie Babies that are worth absolutely nothing, but I can’t seem to get rid of them. We need to separate items with emotional attachment and items that just need to go. The harsh reality is, the memories of your childhood wont last longer if you hold on to your old toys. Try these tips, they might just help!


  1. Old toys with emotional value: Go through each bin and determine which toys are in a good enough condition to keep, toss what is missing a limb or pieces. Once you’re done with that, figure out what you want to keep and/or donate. By all means, if something holds a lot of emotional value, keep it. Otherwise there are a lot of families in need that could benefit from a solid toy.
  2. Keeping toys for your kids: Toys have really changed since we were kids! They are more advanced, made better and in some ways much more fun. So take a good look at anything you’re thinking about saving for your kids to play with. There will most likely be something better that you will want to get your kids.
  3. Keeping your kids toys: Now, I haven’t gotten to this stage in life yet, but I know how much a mother likes to keep their kids toys, drawings and clothes. My suggestion is to keep anything that you think you would have liked your parents to keep for you. If your kids are older, have them help you go through it. This will give them a chance to reminisce and have a little bonding time with you.
  4. Organizing the items you chose to keep: Separate your items into categories and place them in labeled bins (toys, games, clothes, etc. ). This way everything will be easy to access and easy to find.

If all else fails, think about having to lug all your junk around next time you move. It’s an easy way to get you motivated and it works for me every time!   

Forgetting something?

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We all know the obvious things that need to be cleaned in our home, (laundry, dishes, vacuuming, etc…). You know these things need to be done because you can see them, right? There are some rather dirty areas in your home that are easy to ignore because they aren’t in your face.

Laundry baskets


If you think about it, it’s actually kind of gross. Sweaty gym clothes, socks, underwear, dirty kitchen towels, they all go in there and the germs just sit. Take some all purpose spray and disinfectant and wipe down your baskets and hampers after taking your dirty clothes out.


Ceiling fans


Cleaning your ceiling fan can be tricky, especially if you have high ceilings. First, vacuum off the loose dust. This is important because otherwise you’ll end up with a messy rag and dust all over your floor. After that just take a wet rag to the blades.

Hint for people with ceiling fans above their bed: Wipe down your fan before you take your sheets off to be washed. This way you don’t have to worry about getting dust all over your clean bedding. You can just pull the dirty sheets off when you’re done.


Coffee maker


Even if your coffee maker isn’t running slow, its a good idea to clean it to keep your appliance in good working order. Run a pot of white vinegar and let it sit for about 10 minutes so your carafe can soak. After that’s done run 1 or 2 pots of just water through to clean out the vinegar.


Happy cleaning!

12 things that should be cleaned on a regular basis

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Its true, cleaning is not on everyones list of fun things to do in a day. But once you put on your big girl/boy pants and vacuum and do a little dusting, you feel pretty good don’t you? Although that is great, there is a lot more to cleaning than just the simple and obvious things. Dirt and dust doesn’t just live in the carpet, it lives on you. I know, gross. But unless you take 10 showers a day and stay in only one area of your house, you’re spreading those nasty, little dust mites all over. Here are 15 things that you should be cleaning on a regular basis, if you’re not already.


  1. Your washer and dryer: It probably seems like a silly thing to clean since you’re always running soap through to clean your clothes, but they could still use a little TLC. You want your washer and dryer to stay in tip top shape so you can get many good years out of them, right? Run a cup of white vinegar on a warm cycle once every 3-6 months. Vinegar won’t just clean, it will eliminate any odors still hanging around. For the dryer, check and clean the lint hose and lint trap.
  2. Dishwasher: Make sure your dishwasher is clean and put a cup or bowl of white vinegar on the top rack and run on a normal cycle. Wipe down any remaining crud when its done running.
  3. Your kitchen sink: Your sink holds so many nasty germs! Scrub it and scrub it good!
  4. Bed pillows: When cleaning your sheets, sometimes pillows are forgotten. Grab those bad boys and put them in the wash as well.
  5. Bed sheets: Well, this should be something you’re doing often. If you’re not, start. Have an extra set of sheets to put on when you’re washing your current ones so you’re not rushing to dry them right before bedtime. Been there, done that!
  6. Comforter: Oh how I love my comforter, its so big and warm! But being big and warm can make for a difficult wash. I try to wash mine often since my four legged furry friend shares the bed, leaving a generous amount of hair behind. I am lucky though, I have a washer and dryer that will fit a large comforter. It sucks having to take it to a laundromat, but it’s worth it.
  7. Couch: Vacuum your couch cushions on top and underneath at least once a week. The cracks in your couch cushions hold a lot of dirt. If you have pets you may want to do this process more than once a week.
  8. Bathroom mats: This is something that gets used daily, but doesn’t get cleaned as much as it should be. Bathroom mats can hold onto mildew, dirt and other germs. Toss them in the washer on the hottest setting and tumble dry on low.
  9. Door knobs: Germs pass very quickly through touch, and we touch the door knobs in our house multiple times each day. Wash them down a few times a week with a anti-bacterial wipe or Lysol. Even when your family members are not sick, germs still spread.
  10. Phones: Chances are, everyone has either sneezed or coughed into the phone…yuck. Wipe down your phone, you don’t want to pass those germs off to anyone.
  11. Remote controls: Controls in my house are usually the last thing I think about cleaning. But when you think about it, you touch them every day with your dirty little germ filled hands. Yes, everyone’s hands are dirty no matter how many times you wash them. Wipe them down just like you would with your phone or door knobs.
  12. Makeup brushes: Ladies, this one is for you! Your face holds a lot of natural oils and bacteria which is normal, but when you use the same brush on a daily basis you will get a buildup of oil making you more prone to breakouts. Wash gently with warm water and baby shampoo.


Don’t just clean your home, refresh it!